Mzansi Beautiful

Guru Essence - Yoga

The Sacred Lotus essences are divinely inspired and hand-crafted in Cape Town with an infusion of sacred water and 100 % pure essential oils. No synthetic ingredients nor polysorbates are used and these products are never tested on animals. Each blue essence bottle contains an energetically charged Tiger’s Eye crystal chip which is used to disperse the specially mixed elixir gently before spraying.

These essences are handcrafted using artisanal skills and produced in limited quantities through the use of traditional methods of blending and alchemy. 

The pure aromatics in yoga guru essence will revitalise your energy and inspire connection and is infused with lemon and mandarin essential oil.

The essences are used to bring patterns of perfection into your  energy and in the spaces and places around you. Use them to invite virtues into your aura, your chakras and your space: 

۞  to bring oneself into the present moment 

۞  to attract colour into the aura or a chakra 

۞  to attract positive energy and light vibration into the aura or a chakra

۞  to calm and relax one - spray onto your pillow for a peaceful night's sleep

۞  to inspire - use before doing something creative 

۞  to quieten the mind - use as a meditation tool 

۞  to refresh one’s energy - use as a yoga tool 

۞  to protect and seal one's aura or chakras 

۞  to clear unwanted negative energy out of the aura or a space 

Essences come in 50ml with standard black spray tops.