Mask Product Info

Sizes and choosing a size to fit your face:

We offer Mzansi Masks in three sizes to give you as many options as possible to get a fit that suits the size and shape of your face.

Adults - for adults and older teens

Teens - for children aged 6 to 16 years

Kids - for little ones aged 2 to 5 years

When choosing a mask size consider both the width of your face as well as the size of your nose. The idea is to get maximum coverage of your face from below your eyes to under your chin. The elastic ear straps are made to be adjusted to your personal fit by tying as tight as you need. If in any doubt, we suggest you err on the larger size and pull the masks tight by reducing the elastic. A note on the elastic - before cutting the elastics down, be sure about the comfort and wear-ability of the mask over a period of hours, as too tight elastic can put pressure on the ears.


What goes into your Mzansi Mask:

We have put a lot of effort into creating our masks and we have taken great care in choosing the materials used.

Our masks are made up of three layers:

First we have the decorative outside layer, the one which probably appeals to you when you choose a mask. This is a high polyester content, dense, hydrophobic fabric. It does not absorb water easily and helps to keep your face dry and wick moisture away from the skin. This layer will also protect you from outside moisture coming through the mask as it does not absorb easily.

The middle layer is a ‘filter’ layer. Whilst no textile can filter virus particles, it can filter dust. The spongy nature of this material again protects you from outside moisture by creating space between your nose and mouth and the outer fabric, where particles may land. This material is 100% polyester.

The inner lining, is a specialized performance, non-woven textile product. It is also 100% polyester fibre and is designed to keep your face dry and comfortable and also offers filtering properties.

The materials used are not robust fabrics like cotton or linen, they are fragile and need to be handled with care.

They are abrasion sensitive and do not respond well to hot washing or harsh chemicals and optical brighteners found in some washing powders. The longevity of your mask will depend on how you handle it, but once the lining is worn, torn or discoloured, the mask needs to be replace.


This is a message for each new Mzansi Mask owner:

Treat me gently

I’m your new Mzansi Mask

I’m brave and strong when protecting you from airborne particles

But, I’m delicate and need to be handled with care

I’m made from specially chosen materials,

These materials are chosen for their protective properties in the face of airborne moisture,

But my materials are fragile in the face of abrasion and harsh chemicals, including some commercial washing powders that contain bleach.

I thrive in a cool, gentle wash and I love a little sunshine outside on the line.

Please don’t wash me in hot water, iron me or use bleach or other harsh washing powders, I also do not like fabric softener.