More About Our Masks

Product Description

Mzansi masks are carefully designed and made to offer you the maximum protection possible from a non-surgical grade product. Each mask is made from 3 layers of materials chosen to provide comfort and protection. Your masks are washable and should, for maximum hygiene and safety, be used once and then washed before being used again. The mask is shaped to fit snugly over the bridge of the nose and close to the jawline under the chin. Since the mask is a barrier between your nose and mouth and airborne particles in the atmosphere, it is important to ensure that it fits as tightly as possible to your face. The elastic ear straps should be adjusted – by tying tighter, if you feel the mask is sitting too loosely. The front shape of the mask is designed to create an airspace under your nose to make breathing easier whilst the edges of the mask fit snugly around your face, ensuring the air you are breathing filters through the mask and not around the edges. 

Fitting your Mzansi Mask

 The masks have a distinctive inverted “V” shape. Be sure to fit your mask correctly by placing the point of the “V” on the bridge of your nose, hook the straps over your ears and pull the lower edge of the mask under your chin. The mask should fit snugly around the edges with no opening. Tighten the ear straps by knotting to adjust and personalize the fit for your face. When worn, the mask should be comfortable but close to the face.