Mzansi Beautiful

Artisinal Handmade Soap - for Him

Artisinal soaps handmade from eco friendly natural products, including shea butter and essential oils. 2 bars of soap (approx 130g each) : charcoal and lavender; charcoal, mandarin and poppy seed.

The scent of lavender is a stunning addition to this soap and the scent is an all-time favourite. The combination of lavender and mandarin is just gorgeous. 

This can be a great gift for a man given its charcoal colour.  But women love it too! (The charcoal colour does NOT mean a black lather, but rather a lush soapy lather that is clear in colour).

These soaps make super gifts, are unique and one of a kind. They are chunky in size and leave your skin feeling refreshed and clean - you'll love this scent and clean feel.

The maker of this soap creates these soaps from a studio in Woodstock, Cape Town, and personally prepares and packages each item by hand.