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Welriedal Child and Youth Care Centre

September 29, 2020 3 min read

It is said that any organisation is just as strong, as the community support they receive.

Welriedal Child and Youth Care Centre aims “to bring HOPE”. Our team at Mzansi Beautiful supports this vision and we are helping them gain broader support by sharing their story.

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Welriedal Child and Youth Care Centre

Welriedal Child and Youth Care Centre is based in Riebeeckstad, Welkom. The centre is “HOME” to a maximum of 24 children. They currently have 8 girls, a baby boy, and 13 boys placed in their care by the Children’s Court.

They provide physical care, emotional development, education, exposure to sport and reconstruction services among others.

The centre faces several challenges on a daily basis, including cash flow. Welriedal receives a small government subsidy but this only covers 52% of the child’s total costs (which typically exceeds R3,500 per month). Not to mention the cost of running the centre. Welriedal relies on contributions from churches, communities and fundraisers to cover their expenses.

Although the centre faces several daily challenges, they strive to provide a loving atmosphere and a healthy social environment.

If you want to find out more about Welriedal Child and Youth Care Centre, as well as how you can assist with their needs, then you can visit their Facebook page, or contact their friendly child care worker, Alida, at +27 84 688 5696.

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Words from Welriedal Child and Youth Care Centre

We spoke with a few representatives from Welriedal Child and Youth Care Centre. Renay van der Berg, a committee member, shares, “Being in business, I believe it is the duty of all business people to give back to their community”. Renay has been working with Welriedal for 18 months and “just felt at home”

Renay believes that “Inspiring people (in this case children) to become their personal best, is what I do best. This is done  by changing mindsets & unleashing opportunities, and how they see the world around them.”

Alita Wiid-Stevens, a child care worker in the boys home, was inspired from a young age to work with children. She shares, “I admire the uniqueness of children. This is also my reason for my choice of career. The way children think and the way they do things differently from adulthood. Helping them gain confidence and encourage them to be a positive, respected person in life. As someone caring for children I have the ability to earn their trust simply by making them feel loved and safe. Never a dull moment in my life and loving it! 

Esme Lottering, a child care worker in the girl’s house, was inspired to work with children after growing up in a loving and caring family. She shares, “I saw the opportunity to also provide love and care to others”.

In addition to economic difficulties, Esme shares that guiding children to become responsible and stable adults is one of the biggest challenges.

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Mzansi Masks: Our contribution

A global pandemic introduces a challenge for everyone, especially those who had limited resources, to begin with.

We donated 48 masks to Welriedal Child and Youth Care Centre, hoping that this small gesture can have a big impact. 

Alita shares, “Our children’s safety is our first priority. Mzansi Masks made a difference by providing our children with 2 masks each. At the same time, they gave our children HOPE in an uncertain world.” 

We’re honoured to have helped Welriedal Child and Youth Care Centre to help them meet some of their health and safety needs.

We keep our online shop up to date on available masks and sanitizers. You can browse our masks (and sanitizers) and take your pick from a variety of adult, teen and kiddies masks.

Candice Land
Candice Land

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