May 14, 2020 4 min read

COVID-19 is affecting businesses all around the country. With the restrictions loosening slightly and allowing many employees to go back to work, it’s imperative to put health and safety as a top priority. 

Mask-wearing in the workplace is now mandatory and is a way for companies to help add an extra layer of protection for their staff.

VR Print is one of these companies who are taking the necessary measures to protect their staff. Hilton van Rensburg, Managing Director at VR Print, recently shared some incredible pictures of his team in action - and followed up with an interview about how the company is coping with COVID-19.

Q: How have your team been coping with COVID-19 in a personal capacity?

We are blessed to have an amazing team here at VR Print. Their resilience during the nationwide lockdown has been remarkable with everyone pulling together to combat the spread of COVID-19.

In the beginning, everyone was a little apprehensive as we all found ourselves having to cope with this unprecedented situation. The team fully appreciated that the country needed them to play their part in keeping the shelves stocked with essential goods over the lockdown period. We trust and follow the stipulated social distancing guidelines and hygiene practices in the workplace and everyone has been very respectful to each other. 

The entire team is doing well and are as happy as can be expected at this time. They look forward to coming to work and interacting in a safe way with one another. Our employees are the true heroes of our business and we salute them.

Q: How has VR Print been coping with COVID-19 in a professional capacity (business)?

VR Print has had to rapidly implement and adapt to the measures directed by the government to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace for Essential Service Businesses.

Our number one priority has been the safety of our staff and their families so we have directed a lot of our focus on safety in the workplace during COVID-19. We manufacture labels and packaging to produce a variety of essential goods for the Agrochem & Speciality Chemicals, Petrochem & Lubricants, Pharma & Nutraceutical, Animal Care, Home & Personal Care and FMCG markets. V

VR Print is proud to say that we have fulfilled every label order on time over lockdown to keep Mzansi going.

Q: What measures have you taken to ensure safety for yourself, your employees/colleagues, and your family?

We have taken all of the prescribed measures as gazetted by the government to ensure the safety of everyone at work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These include, but are not limited to, safe transport of employees, screening of employees on entering the workplace, prevention of viral spread in the workplace, cleaning of surfaces and shared equipment, good ventilation, managing sick employees and monitoring systems are in place to ensure compliance with safety protocols and identify infections among employees.

Q: How has your team enjoyed their Mzansi Masks?

We did quite a lot of research before deciding on purchasing the Mzansi Barrier Masks to issue as PPE to all of our employees.

They offered the maximum protection possible from a non-surgical grade product, are made from 3 layers of materials chosen to provide comfort and protection while also being washable. 

The design and fit is comfortable and the prints are vibrant and fun, the team really enjoyed receiving their masks, thanks Mzansi Masks!

Q: What is the first thing that you will do once the lockdown is over?

We are all looking forward to doing the same thing after lockdown is over, visiting with family members and friends, to live life and create new memories.  

Be a part of the Mzansi community

Thanks to Hilton for sharing VR Print’s COVID-19 and Mzanzi Masks journey with us. You are one of our most favourite customers - thank you sincerely, Hilton, for inspiring us.


If you would like to share your Mzansi Mask journey or experience with us please contact - we would love to feature your business or social enterprise. If you are an entrepreneur we want to support you.  Let’s do our best to work together, showcasing resilience, innovation, dedication, collaboration, and resourcefulness across South Africa.

We stock a variety of bold prints and classic colours in a variety of sizes and Hilton’s team are wearing : 

We have a wide range of prints and plains and please browse our selection. 

Mzansi Masks are 3-layer, washable and carefully designed for our customers. Our reusable barrier masks can be ordered in bulk and delivered directly to your door within 2-5 days from order. Mzansi Masks have delivered thousands of masks over the past 2 months throughout Mzansi so we have managed to really perfect our processes and delivery times, based on earlier learnings.  

Orders are dispatched within 24 hours and delivered in 1-2 days in Cape Town and 2-4 days countrywide (excluding weekends). We pride ourselves on getting our masks to you soonest and the quickest possible turnaround time. 

If you would like to order in bulk for your company please contact Lindy at for bulk orders indicating the quantity you require and any other requirements.  

Candice Land
Candice Land

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