Urgent Appeal for Assistance with Bonteheuwel Feeding Schemes

May 21, 2020 3 min read

We’ve recently posted about the wonders that theBontehewuel Development Forum are doing in their community to help alleviate the dire effects of COVID-19, particularly hunger. 

We learned about their selfless work when we donated Mzansi Masks towards their drive, and now we’re calling our community to help where possible.  The following words were recently shared with us by Chairperson, Henrietta Adams.

Our feeding schemes queues are getting longer and longer by the day.  

The pressure of providing for all our people in need is great.

We the people take care of our people consistently and without fail.  Our people depend on us to find a way and deliver consistently.  We shall never tire because we are amongst our people.  We share the same heartbeat, issues, and needs. 

Some view us as poor, helpless and voiceless but little do they know the intangible wealth we have amongst us, the immense self-sacrifices we make through our inner strength and compassion, the strong voice we have through our actions.  We are rich in our diversity and strength.

This weekend is Eid, most monthly paid people have not paid yet, and then there is still about twelve days to go before Sassa grant payouts.  Our people's food insecurity is deepening.

We are one community bounded by humanity.  And if we all remember that we are all human regardless of our beliefs or social status we all have the very same needs of which food, water and shelter is the most important.  

Food is more than just something to eat, it is our culture and binds us as families and communities.  The cost of food, poverty and the COVID 19 Pandemic and the lockdown makes the food insecurity in our area much worse and cause our people to wander the streets in search of a meal.

The need in our 17 blocks with its 34 feeding schemes have become so great that most of our kitchens are handing more meals on more than two days a week which was our initial aim.  

We now have a third of our kitchens handing out food every day of the week whilst the majority feeding schemes are handing out four times a week.

As the Bonteheuwel Development Forum, we are only able to assist with breakfast for at least four days and some ingredients for two suppers.  Our block coordinators and their feeding scheme teams must hustle every week for ingredients such as meat and veggies to complete the pot.  

We are trying our level best to remain consistent and provide food to our needy children, sick and elderly residents.

As a community-based organisation this is a huge task and thus far we have been blessed with donations from our residents, friends and families.  

Our block co-ordinators and feeding scheme teams are doing a sterling job.  At times like today, ONE block feeding scheme feeds 1000 people per day.  We started out with a figure of feeding 20 400 meals per week and since two weeks ago, since we cooking more days per week we have more than doubled our weekly amount of meals.

Our people know they can depend on us for a decent meal because we only serve quality food we will serve to our families.

We thank each and everyone for their assistance and donations, especially our block committee volunteers and feeding scheme teams.  We feel and appreciate the love and commitment to our cause and community.

Let us endeavour to keep on serving our people and for this weekend make it even more special and stress-free for our Muslim brothers and sisters on Eid. 

If you know of anyone who is wanting to hand out a pot of food to the needy on Eid please let us know as we can direct them to our feeding schemes in need of food on Eid.

If anyone wants to donate a pot of food or some ingredients or cash to our block feeding schemes please do not hesitate our Chairperson Henriette Abrahams via inbox or on WhatsApp at 076 3783 842. 

In addition, if anyone wants to make a financial donation, you can do so using the following details. 

We thank you in advance.




Stronger Together

As a nation, we have managed to survive lockdown restrictions so far. But not without struggles, job losses, and financial difficulties. If we want to come out stronger, we need to stand together. 

The Bonteheuwel feeding schemes are desperate for assistance and we encourage our Mzansi Masks community to help where possible. 

“When ‘I’ replaced with ‘We’, even the illness becomes wellness” - Malcolm X. 

Candice Land
Candice Land

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