Tote Bags: The Versatile Carrier Solution

May 27, 2021 2 min read

There’s always an occasion for a linen tote bag. Whether you need to do some sustainable grocery shopping, take the dogs for a walk, or pick up the kids from school, a tote bag is a stylish way to keep all of your goodies together.

At Mzansi Beautiful, we stock a stunning range of handmade tote bags that have been stitched together with love by the talented maker, Hello Tuck. Each of our beautiful tote bags is designed to serve a purpose and make your life easier - while looking good. 

Browse our collection of linen tote bags here.

Save on Plastic

Sustainability is at the heart of Mzansi Beautiful. Each of our items encourages economic sustainability by supporting local makers. These linen tote bags, in particular, inspire environmental sustainability as they save on plastic.

Rather than buy single-use plastic at the grocery store, you can use your linen tote to keep your purchases. The versatile tote also doubles up to be used for all sorts of other adventures such as a yoga class or meeting up with a friend for a cup of tea or a coffee. 

Speaking of yoga, Mzansi Beautiful is proud to be partnered with Ananda Sanctuary, a yoga studio and healing centre in Woodstock, Cape Town. Ananda Sanctuary offers a place for connection, wellbeing, healing and community. Find out more on theirwebsite or follow them onInstagram. 

Stunning design

These unique linen tote bags are foldable and compact, making them easy to carry around. The colours are radiant and the fabric is gorgeous. The high-quality bag is designed to have an inner pouch, perfect to hold your keys and smaller items, while the rest of your belongings fit in the spacious inside. 

A gift bag for a loved one

Are you looking for a thoughtful gift to give to someone special? A tote bag from Mzansi Beautiful is the gift that keeps on giving - especially when filled with other gorgeous products.

Each of our items is designed to encourage a sentiment of health and wellness, adding beauty to life. We’ve carefully curated a selection of gift bags that include one of our versatile linen totes that are filled with special items such as candles, incense, and smudge.

gift bags tote

Explore our gorgeous gift bags here.

All items are made locally, meaning that each purchase supports the local economy and local makers, creatives and South African entrepreneurs. 

gift bag tote

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Candice Land
Candice Land

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