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The heart behind Mzansi Beautiful

November 26, 2020 5 min read

We’ve been building up to the launch of our revamped website as part of our rebranding as Mzansi Beautiful - and the time has finally arrived!

We will still be selling our handmade barrier masks and sanitizers, but introducing a new range of carefully curated, beautiful locally-made products, with a few select items up now, and more to follow in the weeks and months ahead as we grow Mzansi Beautiful.

Lindy, the founder of Mzansi Beautiful, shares a bit more about the brand and what it hopes to achieve below.

smudge sticks

What is the heart behind Mzansi Beautiful?

The vision of Mzansi Beautiful is self-nurturing, taking care of one’s self, being more considerate and contemplative with one’s purchases, and making the effort to buy from and support local creatives, makers, designers and small businesses.

Shop with your heart in the same way that all of our products are produced - with heart. Each product is locally made with care and love, helping to make your home a beautiful space and to promote wellness and nurturing.

How is Mzansi Beautiful reflective of our current times?

I think that there’s previously been a massive trend of buying from big, commercial stores, mass purchasing and consumerism. The focus on imports from China and finding the cheapest way to source and produce goods has had a negative impact on many local producers and makers, with the garment industry particularly being negatively affected in the past.  

In the Western Cape, in particular, we have seen how the garment industry has been particularly decimated and many jobs lost and factories closed as they have not been able to compete with cheap imports.  This way of purchasing is not sustainable and does not support or benefit local producers. 

With COVID-19, a shift in purchasing patterns has occurred, partly as a result of the lockdown but also because of reduced budgets and the need to shop more carefully.  This trend has been coming for some time, with a growing sensitivity to our environment, sourcing sustainably and buying as close to source as possible, with a focus on organic, well-crafted, unique pieces. 

Growth of artisanal brands 

We have seen this in the growth of artisanal brands and products, farmers markets, smaller curated stores and growth in creativity and diversity of local brands.  Consumers are also definitely being more thrifty and wanting to buy and support local producers and makers much more. 

We believe that products that are special, locally made, artisanal, environmentally friendly, hand-made (not mass produced) are worth buying and keeping. Mzansi Beautiful epitomises and encourages this thoughtful way of shopping with greater consideration and care. 

Our online shop is carefully curated to support local businesses that have adapted from the difficult times resulting from COVID-19, resultant lockdown, economic effects and impact on livelihoods. Many of our makers earn an income to support their families by making and selling their creations and products. 

Some ranges and small ventures have emerged as a direct result of the lockdown and a loss of a job, or time spent at home, leading to more ingenuity, resourcefulness and exploring of new talents and product development.

Many makers are brilliantly talented at producing and creating beautiful items, but not necessarily keen (or comfortable) to get involved in e-commerce, marketing, selling, fulfillment, despatch and distribution of their products to customers.

Mzansi Beautiful helps the creative process by offering business and marketing opportunities to these makers to showcase and sell their products on our online store.  We free up the makers to focus on what they are great at …. creating!

print designs

What sort of products does Mzansi Beautiful sell?

Essentially, the products were birthed out of the need to make our homes as comfortable as possible after spending so much time at  home during lockdown. This has impacted how people shop, desiring to create a clean, comfortable and safe space in their homes.  We also spend more time now at home so the desire to nurture, improve and boost this home space is also a growth trend.

Our products have an emphasis on making the home space a beautiful, sacred space. We sell products that are special and add a nurturing element to your home. The range is designed all around creating a more comfortable home space, promoting wellness, wellbeing and personal care. 

There’s a number of categories on our online shop, each with a focus on love and care, such as;

  • Health and wellness - masks, sanitizers, artisanal soaps, lip balms, candles, smudge sticks
  • Accessories and clothing - purses and bags, kid’s toys
  • Homeware - ceramics and grow bags

We’re excited to be consistently building on these ranges, and including more stunning, locally-made products. So watch this space as this is just a taste of what is to come. We will be adding new products and ranges regularly. We will also be showcasing some of the makers and creatives behind the brands to bring a personal perspective and share the creative journeys and stories with you.

beauty bar

Get started on your Christmas shopping

From handmade soy candles that help with meditation and relaxation, to smudge sticks to cleanse your space, and masks and sanitizers to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

We also sell special accessories and clothing, such as our popular Forever Bears that make for the perfect gift for a young child, and our bags and clothing that are produced by small female businesses. There are several gorgeous items for sale, where each purchase supports local makers.

If you’re looking for typically South African Christmas decorations - then we sell those too! Offering a stylish and subtle way to introduce a festive mood to your home, while supporting small businesses.

Our homeware products are equally special, with a focus on sustainability, simplicity and strong design elements, whilst celebrating local aesthetic elements.  For example, our shweshwe printed grow bags offer a sustainable way to pot herbs and flowers in the home, to our limited edition of raku ceramic pieces and woven rope bowls that can be used on the table, as a gift, or even as wall art. 

Other items to expect online include a stunning range of illustrations and prints that are unique, striking  and perfect for the home.

forever bear

Things to look forward to

We have several products in production that will be available soon. These include a wonderful range of totes, purses and clutches that are currently in production. We’ll also be selling beautiful tableware, napkins and runners under the Mzansi Beautiful range.

There are always new additions coming to our online store, so make sure that you follow us on social media to stay up to date on our new releases.

How are Mzansi Beautiful products sourced?

We’re always looking for new makers and designers who have a heart for creating beautiful, quality, handmade products that inspire and promote wellness, showcase creative expression and meet a need for those looking to improve their homes, their wellbeing, nurture and cocoon.

If you make a range that you believe aligns with our values and fits our brand, please reach out and email us at lindy@mzansibeautiful.com. We’d love to hear from you.

Candice Land
Candice Land

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