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Staying Safe During COVID-19 - Speaking To Liezl

June 04, 2020 3 min read

At Mzansi Masks, we have clients from all different walks of life. Some work as teachers, others run manufacturing companies, while others work in essential services. 

We caught up with a happy customer,Liezl Raeside from Cape Town who bought a bulk batch of our handmade, barrier masks. Liezl owns a petrol station and has been bravely serving the community during COVID-19.


How have you been coping with COVID-19 in a personal capacity?

I realised soon that the only way of coping and not getting stuck in a rut was to try and stay as busy as possible (I am a busy body).  So everything got spring cleaned, unpacked and reorganized. 

Lots of DIY and gardening kept my creative side going. I think it helped me feel like I achieved something every now and then in a time that normal life was halted in a way.

As we are all just human, I must admit that there is/was good and bad days of coping. You really have to focus on something positive each day and just take it as it comes.

How has work/business been affected by COVID-19 - is it business as usual?

My husband and I own a petrol station so we have been open on all levels. April was extremely quiet but we considered ourselves blessed to be open and to still be able to keep all our staff.

My little takeaway coffee shop THE STATION BLEND which is part of the garage opened up two weeks ago with measures in place to get your coffee over a counter from the outside. 

Yay for that – lots of happy customers. We still have the car wash and car rental sections of our business that's not operational yet.

What measures have you taken to ensure safety for yourself, your employees/colleagues and your family?

We wear masks (preferably Mzansi Masks), sanitise and wash hands regularly. We really try to create awareness among the staff about going as far as to leave your shoes at the front door when you get home, washing their masks the correct way and to wipe down their groceries.

We all learn from each other as we go along.

Here’s a picture of Philis and Tyrone from the coffee shop

How have you enjoyed your Mzansi Masks?

I ABSOLUTELY love my Mzansi Mask and have decided that each of my staff must experience it as well. It is a comfortable fit and easy to breathe while it is on. I just gave my two baristas their Mzansi Masks and next week we will hand them out to the petrol attendants as well.

What is the first thing that you will do once lockdown is over?

Book a holiday overseas! We had to cancel our overseas trip to Tbilisi, Georgia which was booked for May this year.

Thank you for your support, Liezl!

Liezl is one of 2,200 South Africans who have joined the Mzanzi Masks family. Our washable, barrier masks can be worn more than 10 times, possibly longer depending on how you care for your Mzansi Mask. Made of three layers of material, you can feel certain that you’re protected from outside moisture when you’ve got yours on.

You can browse our online selection and take your pick from various patterned and plain barrier masks. We look forward to seeing you tag us in your pictures!


Candice Land
Candice Land

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