Mzansi Beautiful - Soon to be revealed

October 05, 2020 3 min read

If you’ve been following us on social media, then you’ll know that we’ve been working on something very novel. We have re-envisioned our offering to you and will soon be launching our super-exciting new offering, Mzansi Beautiful.

Mzansi Beautiful 

We are so, so excited and grateful for the opportunity to bring you a beautiful range of South African products. All our products have been personally hand-picked and curated by our founder, Lindy, with some items even handmade by her.  Each product is quality, unique, handcrafted, and from a small production run. Some products are so unique that they are one of a kind. The focus is on artisanal creation with a beautiful outcome.

We have also chosen to support local creatives, makers, artisans, small enterprises, studios, and workshops.  COVID-19 has been tough on everyone and this is one way to support, encourage and nurture revitalisation and renewal. 

With life constantly changing, and the focus being on our personal health and wellbeing, staying home, being with family and friends in intimate settings cocooning is the new mantra.  Our products are for your home and health with a focus on careful selection, thrift and self-reliance, nurturing, comfort and wellbeing.

The Mzansi family grows

We also have seen how so many of our customers are repeat customers, ordering multiple times from Mzansi Masks. We SO appreciate this support and verification of Mzansi Masks quality and wearability, coupled with our customer service and speed of delivery! From our loyal base of customers, we believe we can build and grow something bigger and better, supporting and showcasing South African creatives and makers in the process!

Our logo has also had a facelift and our name has been changed. What was once ‘Mzansi Masks’ has evolved into something bigger - Mzansi Beautiful.  Angela of Hands-on-Design is our trusted partner and creative genius behind this gorgeous new logo creation, as well as some of our other designs and product manifestations.  Some special items from her Hello Tuckrange which will also be included in Mzansi Beautiful offering! 

This past week, we received our stunning, bespoke labels that are locally made and will be sewn into our new range of quality items. We want to share this exciting news with you! 

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mzansi beautiful label

What goes into a quality label?

Since the beginning of lockdown, Mzansi Masks has sold locally made, quality face masks and sanitizers. Now, we’re expanding our product range with new and exciting items, we’re carrying through the same ethos - but with an extra hint of freshness.

All of Mzansi Beautiful’s products are made locally, grown naturally, and created sustainably with love.  This applies to every part of our products - including the labels. And that’s where Wunderlabel comes in.

Wunderlabel is a local brand that offers superior quality labels that are produced in-house. Their highly individual, bespoke designs are a stamp of excellence and allow businesses to be fully expressive with their branding. Our labels are designed by Hands-on-Design and produced by Wunderlabel. 

Wunderlabel timeously delivered our order of Mzansi Beautiful labels. The packaging was beautiful and the quality of the labels was nothing short of fantastic. 

Thank you to Wunderlabel and Hands-on-Design for their excellent service! We’re excited to be launching our new brand and couldn’t think of a better way to mark our quality than with these stunning bespoke labels.

bespoke labels wunderlabel

Stay tuned

We know that we’ve kept you in anticipation for a while - and there’s only a short bit longer to wait. Our first batch of items needing bespoke fabric labels are going into production this week and will soon be available on our new website.

Make sure to follow us on social media and keep an eye out in our newsletter for regular updates. Thank you to everyone who has continued to support the Mzansi Masks brand throughout lockdown - your support has meant so much to us!  We’re looking forward to what is still to come with Mzansi Beautiful!

Candice Land
Candice Land

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