Mzansi Beautiful candles: All you need to know

November 19, 2020 4 min read

Candles have evolved over the years. At Mzansi Beautiful, we see candles as a luxury good used to celebrate birthdays, add a romantic mood to dinner, or enjoy some self-care.

History of candles

The earliest candle originated in Han China, however, scented candles originated from Egypt. The Egyptians made scented candles using a combination of animal fat and reeds.

Amongst the many stunning products that Mzansi Beautiful sells is a range of scented candles. Just like every other product sold by Mzansi Beautiful, they are locally made from scratch with high-quality ingredients.

The owner of these candles is Haniki Prinsloo. She made her first candle 25 years ago, with little information, no internet, no YouTube and without any online communities to guide her. Instead she used books to rely on for information about candles and candle making..

Haniki saw candles as a luxury type of good, and refused to burn them initially because they were quite pricey at the time. That’s when she started making her own. Since then she has evolved and developed a beautiful range, and we are so excited at Mzansi Beautiful to showcase her candles in our range. 

Candle range

The Mzansi Beautiful range is broad with a variety of candles to choose from. They all have their own unique aroma and appeal.

The Wine Time range is particularly popular with the following 3 options to choose from:-

Types of candles





Merlot is fruity, robust & medium bodies, rich leafy notes blend effortlessly with sugar-berry finish.

Top notes- strawberry and black current


Chardonnay is crisp with a light citrus note and light-bodied Slight layers of fragrant rum. Hits of cucumber and min with a sugary finish.

Top notes- orange, apple, mint, and cucumber.


Ripe berry with dark chocolate aroma, fill bodies accompanied by oak and spices.

Top notes of orange, tangerine, and pepper

Heart notes- Clive, cinnamon, and ginger

Base notes- Run, sugar, and honey.


We also carry the range two and three wick in gorgeous ceramic containers, as well as the Queen of the Night.

The full range will be available on our website with a range of sizes and options to choose from! It's a stunning range and we are thrilled to bring these scented, soy candles - which are of a superior quality - to our supporters and customers. 

So what are these candles made of?

Haniki’s candles are made of mostly natural products like paraffin wax, soy wax, beeswax, palm oil, and coconut oil. Each one of these candles has their own signature and smell. They also have traditional cotton wicks.

When set alight, they make a soft crackling sound with a flickering flame. In time, this then melts more wax which, in turn, releases more fragrance oils into the air giving the room character, energy, and a pleasant smell. The candles are also made of exceptional quality, they are responsibly sourced and animal cruelty-free.

Instructions: Dos and don’ts of burning a candle

  • Always make sure that your wick is trimmed to roughly a centimeter or 4-5 millimeters.
  • On the first burn, it is important to burn until the full layer of wax on the top is melted right through to the edges of your candle. That will roughly take about two hours if the cotton between the wick and the container is great.
  • If you do not let your candles burn to the edges and kill the wick, it will form a tunnel into the candle and that is not right.
  • Wax has memory, if you prematurely burn it and try to fix it on the second burn, it is not going to work. You are going to have a poor-quality candle.
  • If you burn a candle correctly, you use all the wax until it gets to the container because the wax acts as a fuel, it should be used to its maximum capacity.
  • For safety reasons, leave about a centimeter of wax before the fire reaches the glass. If the wax is used up, it can shatter the glass.
  • Do not light the candle sitting next to a draft of wind.The draft will cause the flame to melt on one of the candles, which will result in melted wax running over the edge or to one side.
  • Do not light a candle on an exposed area where there are opened doors.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Keep away from natural light (sunlight). A lot of the fragrance will react to the sunlight and cause discolouration of the wax. It also ruins the appeal of the candle. It should not only smell nice but look nice too.

The words we use to describe the candles are mystical and enchanting. It's also very important to take note that scented candles burn much slower than an unscented one. Following the steps on how to burn the candles is very important because once you don't burn them correctly, that can ruin the quality and appeal of the candle.

We’ll be selling these stunning, scented candles on our website. You can browse and buy in the next week, or email us at

Lindy Briginshaw
Lindy Briginshaw

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