Meet the talented makers that sell with Mzansi Beautiful

April 23, 2021 4 min read

The Mzansi Beautiful online shop is filled with stunning, local products that are made with love and intended to bring joy to buyers. Over the past month, we’ve been sharing a few of the names and faces behind these products and uncovered their inspiration.

We asked five of the several talented makers what ignites their passion for their creation. Here’s what they had to say.

local makers

Anne-Marie Karsten and beautiful crochet

"I have always, since I was still very small, been compelled to make things, from making my own fishing rod as a child to my own clothes when I was older, and everything in between! I was trained as a fashion designer but found myself always more on the technical side in the fashion industry. 

However creating something beautiful, whatever it is, is so important to me, and gives me great satisfaction and I think I would be a very frustrated person if I did not have some kind of creative outlet! 

I so love that feeling you get, when you stand back and look at something you made, and it came out exactly as you imagined it, and the cherry on top, is when other people like it too! Crochet has become so much more than a passion for me, I think I can call it an addiction at this stage!" 

Browse her stunning work at our online shop.

Anne Marie Karsten crochet

Thameen and handmade Boho Kid

"I started at sewing at age 9 and it always came so naturally to me. I come from a family of seamstresses, so it’s probably in the genes  My main interest now lies in the selection process of all the beautiful African cotton prints! This really excites me because I get to work with the most interesting, bold, bright, and unique prints. I love fabric and it feels great to work with natural fabrics mainly. What started out as Boho Kid Clothing, has slowly evolved into an adult boho/afro range too.

I enjoy sewing and feel that it teaches important life skills such as perseverance, patience, concentration, and creativity." 

Browse stunning garments made by this talented maker here.

thameen and boho kid

Julia Buss and Black Dog Ceramics

"My focus is and always has been on homeware: useful things like plates, bowls, wine glasses, wine jugs, olive bowls, snack trays, cups and tea sets.  I have never been what you would call a sculptural or “artistic” ceramist. I think I am too practical for that and therefore working on the wheel, in particular, allows me to indulge my “perfectionist” personality to its limits.

Black dog Ceramics has been inspired by a life-long love of clay.  Clay is what I can do and is a forgiving medium to work in.

For someone who failed miserably at sport, it was the thing I could do and if we find that in life we are compelled to work at it.  My studio is dedicated to a black lab that spends all day supervising my work and generally getting in the way.  I have done pottery for most of my life and have just completed a Masters in Zulu ceramics (my other passion).  It is only recently that I have had the opportunity to do my work full time after many years of involvement in craft development projects. 

So, the long and the short of it is, I am overwhelmingly happy to have “found my thing” and even more so of finally having space and time to “do my thing” after a career of helping others do the same." 

You can buy her 100% handmade ceramics here.

julia buss ceramics

Lindi Green’s stunning wall art

“I think the main thing that ignites my passion for painting is that while creating, I feel most like my true self. Everything else fades away and I can immerse myself in my own world. Feeling my way through each brushstroke. Excited as the painting comes alive. With each piece, I feel certain emotions while painting, when it is completed, and when I sign it. Then seeing how people feel when they see it.

Art is more than a picture and has a different effect on each person. They interpret what they see, through their own life experiences, giving it a new feeling. I love that. It's a strangely detached intimacy between the artist, artwork and viewer."

Browse Lindi's stunning work and see how her art resonates with you here (note that special delivery fees do apply).

lindi green

Lindy Briginshaw’s artisanal soaps

"Being able to create something from the raw, natural ingredients fascinates me. Making artisanal natural soaps means working with shea butter, essential oils, botanicals and other ingredients to concoct something special. Each batch of soap is unique and you cannot predict the outcome. Choosing the scents and colours for a soap batch is such a treat.

Sometimes there are beautiful results, other times one ends up with a dud or flaws in the soap, like cracks or bubbles, or the scent is unpredictable.  

This is all a process of learning, trying out new ingredients and formulations, adapting, perfecting, and trusting that it will produce a beautiful outcome.  Our soaps take 30 days to cure which is a beautiful test of patience.  The whole creative process of experimenting with different formulas and processes and making soap is just pure magic, and the best part of all is when you gift your soap to another and they ask for more! 

Who wants conveyor belt store-bought soap when you can spoil yourself each day with affordable, beautiful natural hand-made soaps that smell divine and are soft and nourishing on your body?"

Browse Lindy's handmade artisanal soaps here.

artisanal soap by lindy briginshaw

Shop Mzansi Beautiful

These are just a few of the many makers that sell their gorgeous products at our online shop. There are plenty of other stunning products that are available for purchase, all intended to introduce an element of beauty and wellness into a space.

With every item that is bought from Mzansi Beautiful, a local maker’s livelihood is supported. Browse and buy from our online shop here. 

Are you a local maker who produces handmade items for sale? We're always looking to add beautiful products to our items for sale and would love to hear from you! To find out more about selling with Mzansi Beautiful you can email 

Candice Land
Candice Land

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