Kiddies sanitizers - introducing a fun way to stay safe

August 06, 2020 2 min read

Known and loved as the original handmade barrier mask in South Africa (and beyond), we’ve built a positive reputation for our Mzansi Masks. Now, we’ve introduced a fun range of kiddies sanitizers, and locally-inspired adult sanitizers to go hand-in-hand with your awesome reusable barrier mask. 

Mzansi sanitizers are locally produced in Cape Town with love. Ingredients include 70% alcohol, natural extracts and tea tree oil.  Mzansi fun themes ensure that little ones are encouraged to stay safe and disinfect often and thoroughly.

Co-founder of Mzansi Masks, Lindy, shares a story about how the products help keep her family safe while having fun.

A weekend in the sun 

Right next to the Western Province Cricket Club in Rondebosch is the lovely Keurboom Park. Those living in Cape Town were recently treated to some sunny weather. Lindy decided to make the most of the beautiful day and took her twins to Keurboom Park. 

It was a stunning, sunny day and there were many families and individuals out, walking their dogs, playing cricket, and riding their skateboards. Everyone was making the most of the sunshine. People were running, playing soccer and kids were having fun climbing the jungle gym. 

But most importantly, everyone was wearing masks.

Staying safe with sanitizers 

The park is large and very open, with lots of space to safely practice social distancing. There are lots of different areas where the kids can play on swings, roundabouts, and generally, just have a sense of freedom outside of the house.  In these strange, challenging and restricted times it is necessary to find ways for children to still play, explore and laugh.

In addition to wearing their handmade barrier masks, Jacques and Stella had their funky kiddies hand sanitizers.

Lindy shares, “Stella kept on taking her hand sanitizer out of her handbag and applying it to her hands. Especially after using the swings and the jungle gyms because we know people had been using them before.” 

As the park doesn’t provide access to water, these sanitizers were the perfect way to sanitize while having fun in the park.

Although there is a wide range of fun sanitizers for kids, each twin has their personal favourites namely “Dinosaur Play Date” and “Mermaids Sea Party”.

The best part about this story is that both the children are insistent on using their sanitizers and constantly asking for more, choosing to stay sanitized on their own accord, because it’s become fun and they resonate with the characters and fun themes.

But that’s not all

We also have teen sanitizers and a unique range of adult-scented hand sanitizers. You can order your sanitizers online at the same time as placing your order for your masks. 

We’d love to see your Mzansi Masks products in action. So feel free to take a snap and post online, tagging us @MzansiMasks. We’d also really appreciate it if you could leave us a review on Facebook. 

Stay safe!

Candice Land
Candice Land

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