Kiddie's Gift Guide: What to buy kids for Easter?

March 11, 2021 4 min read

The simplest gift can bring a young child monumental joy. A soft toy, a new shirt or a funky backpack can keep your child entertained for hours and make great kids Easter gifts. The expression of a grateful heart is a heartwarming one, and there are several ways to spoil your child to see their little faces come alive. 

If you’re looking for a reason to make your little one’s day, and their birthday is too far away, then why not treat them this Easter? We have put together some unique Easter gifts just for you. You’ll find Easter gifts for girls and boys, even Easter gifts for babies and Easter gifts for toddlers too.

Easter is around the corner

Easter is around the corner and shop aisles are filled with chocolate treats and stuffed-bunny toys. Easter egg hunts and chocolate indulgences are some of the best childhood memories. Enhance your children’s Easter memories by giving them a special locally-made gift, that is NOT filled with sugar, and other non-chocolate Easter gifts.

Not only will you be bringing a smile to the face of your little one, but you’ll also be bringing a smile to a small, South African business. 

Five amazing gifts for kids

Give your child the gift of a unique, handmade present that is top-quality and made to last. Here are five easter kids gift suggestions to get you started...

Forever Friend

We all remember our favourite cuddly bear from our childhood. These soft toys are known to bring a sense of fun, safety and security. Hello Tuck, one of the talented makers for Mzansi Beautiful, has made a range of Forever Friends which are loveable companions, stitched together with love and care. 

Take your pick from the Rainbow Bears, which come in a choice of colours, the cuddly Georgie Lamb, adorable Oink Oink, colourful Rainbow Buddy, the Friendly Whale and My Friend Teddy. Each offers the same amount of potential memories as the other, and all are super huggable

Buy your Forever Friend here.

forever friends

Kids clothing

South Africa has a bright, bold culture that is energetic and expressive. As a child living in the community, why not dress your little one in patterns and colours that reflect this vibrancy. We have a range of high-quality children’s clothing that is beautifully patterned and styled. Our unique shweshwe and wax print designs are uniquely South African hand-made magic.

From colourful and delicate girl’s skirts, babies jackets and boys shorts, to baby rompers and gorgeous dresses - our selection is delightful. Watch your child’s face light up as they slip into their proudly South African gear!

Shop your children’s clothing items here.

south african made clothing

Fun fish backpack

What better way to get your child excited for school than to pack their kit in a funky, colourful fish backpack. These stunning, handmade backpacks are designed in the shape of a fish, adding an element of quirkiness to the adventure. 

Take your pick between a denim fish with yellow accents, or a denim fish with red accents. It’s the perfect accessory for a day at school, swimming lessons, or a trip to the beach. A towel, change of clothes, goggles, and swimming cap fit in perfectly.

Buy your fishbackpack here

fish backpack

Kiddies’ mask

It’s no secret that wearing a mask can be tiresome, yet it’s incredibly important to prevent the spread of COVID. We all need to remain vigilant even though we are celebrating being on Level 1. 

Many have lost loved ones or been ill and we need to continue to take extra care to do everything possible to limit any spread of COVID. Wearing a mask doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. We sell a wide range of plain and patterned triple-layer masks.

We sell these handmade fabric masks in young kiddies sizes and are ideal for ages 3-6, ensuring a snug fit on a smaller face. With a variety of patterns to choose from, you can pick bright and colourful masks to give to your child, and help them feel confident in their mask.  

Shop your kiddies facemasks here.

We also sell a slightly bigger mask, called teens, which is ideal for older kids and our founder’s six-year-old twins are wearing these with ease.  So we recommend the teen size for all kids ages 7 and upwards.

Shop your teens face masks here.

masks for kids and teens

Fabric bucket

Have your children got a space to store their chocolate eggs after the hunt in the garden is over? These rainbow fabric buckets are a wonderful storage option that is perfect for keeping beloved eggs safe - and then using stationery, toys or socks afterwards.  

Even adults can make use of these great storage buckets.

These stunning, handmade fabric buckets are versatile in functionality and beautiful to look at! We received a limited stock of these so don’t hesitate if you want to purchase.

Get your rainbow fabric bucket here.

rainbow bucket

Shop at Mzansi Beautiful

We stock all of the above items at our online store. Each item is made by a local creator, stitched together with love and care and commitment to make something beautiful for each individual, family and home. 

If you would like a personalised Easter gift please reach out to us and we can see how we can help you. We also offer stunning Gift Boxes and may even put out a special Easter gift box next week too!  

We also sell a variety of health and wellness items, homeware items and accessories.Browse our beautiful shop here.

To all of our loyal customers, thank you for your continued support. We appreciate and value your support so much.  If you have any recommendations or tips for our online store, then we’d love to hear from you. You can email Lindy


Candice Land
Candice Land

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