July 06, 2020 3 min read

As a nation, we’re slowly loosening restrictions to allow more businesses to operate and life to go back to a new “normal” - however that may be. Now, more than ever, it’s important that we make wise decisions and keep ourselves protected by sanitizing and wearing a mask. 

We recently spoke to Oliver, from Ollie and the Captain, about how his collection of Mzansi Masks has allowed him to slowly reintegrate with society.

Q: How have you managed to stay positive during lockdown?

I’ve managed perfectly fine. It was a bit hard not being able to go outdoors in the beginning,  but on the positive side, it’s allowed me to focus on personal passion projects that I’ve been meaning to tackle for a long time.

As my job is already online, I found the transition quite easy and consider myself one of the very lucky ones.

Q: How have you prepared to adjust back to “normal”? 

I’m gradually putting myself back out there in the world where there is interaction with others in person by running errands, exercising outdoors, etc. But I’m still being cautious about what venues I enter, what I wear, always keeping my mask with me and ensuring that I sanitize my hands properly whenever I get the chance.

Even though we have more freedom now, it’s probably the time that we should be the most careful.

Q: What experiences have you recently enjoyed - with the help of a mask?

It was recently my birthday and my mother got me a class on creating your own bonsai which I would never have been able to attend without the use of my Mzansi Mask. The course coordinator also made sure that all equipment was sanitized and was wearing a mask himself.

It was such an amazing and awesome experience to learn about bonsai - and a big change from staying indoors. It was also great to be able to support a local business, knowing that I was doing so safely and minimizing risk.

Q: How have you enjoyed your Mzansi Mask? 

I’ve got a few Mzansi Masks, each in a different pattern.  I really enjoy them as they are reusable, washable and pretty stylish. I keep one in my car, one by the front door and one in my leather jacket (which I also got for my birthday).

Q: What are you most looking forward to in the near future?

Being able to go out for dinner with friends and family. Zoom dinners are just not the same.

Adjusting back to the “norm”

Nobody is really certain about what lies ahead, but we are certain that wearing a mask can make a big difference by providing an extra layer of protection. We also protect others by wearing a mask, especially those who are vulnerable or more at risk.

Mzansi Masks offers a wide variety of patterned and plain masks, as well as a new range of fun and effective kiddies sanitizers that fit well into a backpack, to help with this transition in a safe and caring way. 

A scented range of sanitisers (gel and liquid) is also being launched this week - so what this space!  Browse our available stock and place your order for your Mzansi Masks today! You could be pruning your own bonsai in no time!

Candice Land
Candice Land

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