What is the best face mask for travel?

March 25, 2021 3 min read

For a long time, the pandemic restricted travel both locally and internationally. Now, borders are slowly starting to open up around the world and travel has become an attainable activity - as long as precautions are taken and risks are managed.

Domestic travel opportunities have been available for some time, but an increasing number of people are now taking the opportunity to travel abroad (as long as it is safe to do so). One way to make sure that risks are properly managed is to wear a face mask. But what is the best face mask for travel?

travel internationally with a mask

What to look for in a mask

Not all masks were created equal. There are certain features of a mask that will make sure that you’re both safe and comfortable during the commute.

  • Breathability - you’ll be required to wear your mask throughout your trip unless eating or drinking, and so being able to breath is essential
  • Washable and reusability - single-use items are no longer acceptable in a world geared toward sustainability so these attributes are important if you want to reuse your mask as it will undoubtedly get quite dirty while travelling
  • Comfort - long-haul flights can mean hours in your mask so make sure that it fits comfortably and snuggly on your face without giving you a headache
  • Filtration - the purpose of wearing a mask is to filter out the aerosol particles that can carry the virus so the filtration aspect of a mask is important

At Mzansi Beautiful, we sell triple-layer masks that are breathable, washable and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Available in a range of sizes, you can get a mask that best fits your face. Each mask is handmade and produced in South Africa, providing work for those who need employment.

Browse and buy Mzansi Beautiful masks here.

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When to wear a mask

The CDC recommends wearing a mask whenever you’re in public or around other people. When you’re travelling, you’ll come into contact with a variety of different people from various walks of life. It’s essential to wear a mask at all times when travelling unless you’re eating or drinking.

An added benefit: Falling asleep with your mouth open on a plane is no longer an embarrassing situation as there’s a mask to make you look elegant!

Top tips for long-distance travel with a mask

Even the most comfortable masks can get a bit annoying when travelling for long periods of time. There are a few tips to consider that can make the experience easier and more comfortable.

  • Pack more than one mask so that you can swap your mask for a clean one after a period of time (especially useful on long, international flights and layovers)
  • Have sanitiser on the ready so that you can protect yourself in more ways than one
  • Make sure that you buy a mask that fits your face comfortably and is not too tight on the ears

We also sell sanitisers that are locally made with natural ingredients. Browse and buy sanitisers at our online shop here. We sell cute and colourful themed sanitisers for kiddies, such as dinosaur play date and rainbow unicorns. As well as fun teen vibes and botanical scents.

mask and sanitizer

Where to buy masks

As the pandemic has contributed to a culture of wearing masks, there are several options on where to purchase them. At Mzansi Beautiful, we make it easy by offering an online purchase system. Browse our selection of beautifully patterned and plain Mzansi masks, available in a range of sizes, and have them delivered directly to your home. 

Find out about our delivery details here.

 Our handmade, triple-layer masks are breathable, comfortable and purpose-driven, meaning that you can travel both domestically and internationally without fuss.

If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Lindy at lindy@mzansibeautiful.com.

Safe travels!


Candice Land
Candice Land

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