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What Are the Benefits of Smudging?

June 04, 2021 4 min read

Are you looking for ways to get grounded and create a space of health and wellness? Do you want to cleanse your space? Does your space feel a bit heavy and cold? Have you moved into a new home that you want to create a fresh atmosphere?

Smudging is fast becoming a popular practice in South Africa as people discover the many benefits of smudging.

Smudging is an ancient practice that originated with the indigenous peoples of the Americas. The practice involves the burning of sacred herbs or resin as a way of spiritual cleansing or blessing. 

The practice of cleansing space has also derived from Asia and Latin America where incense and palo santo have been used, whilst locally imphepho is used for cleansing and sacred practices

Smudging has since been adopted as a wholesome practice around the world. Let’s explore the many benefits of this traditional practice.

You may have wondered, “Where do I buy smudge?”

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What are smudge sticks?

Smudge sticks are made up by bundling herbs and securing them with twine. These smudge sticks are burned as a form of aromatherapy and to purify a space.

Read more about how to burn smudge sticks on our blog here.

Burning smudge has the potential to cleanse the air. Sage, in particular, is said to have antimicrobial properties. These properties help to kill bacteria, fungi and other unpleasant elements in the air.

Burning the bundle of herbs is also said to release negative ions and improve a mood, help to destress, and conjure a meditative environment.

The ceremonial benefits of smudge sticks are one of the reasons that they are so well-loved in meditative spaces, such as yoga studios. Our partner yoga studio, Ananda Sanctuary, uses smudge sticks to create a nurturing space of wellness and health, creating a space that is wholesome, tranquil and inviting.

Benefits of Smudging with Sage and Imphepho

There’s a reason that the sacred, historical practice is respected by cultures around the world. Smudging has the potential to add subtle energy and introduce a tranquil mood.

Here are a few more benefits of burning smudge sticks.

Peace and Tranquility

Smudge can help create a peaceful environment and help you to relax. 

The peace and tranquillity smudge stick from Mzansi Beautiful is hand-bound and includes imphepho to cleanse, protect and reconnect, purple sage to cleanse, protect and heal and lavender for peace and tranquillity.

Buy your peace and tranquillity smudge stick here.

peace and tranquility smudge


Smudge has healing properties which are unlocked when the smudge purifies the physical space.

The healing smudge stick from Mzansi Beautiful consists of a bundle of Impepho to connect, white Mexican sage to cleanse and protect, white lavender for peace and buddleja for upliftment. 

Buy your healing smudge stick here.

healing smudge


Smudge has traditionally been used to protect against negativity and ward off negative energy. 

This protecting smudge from Mzansi Beautiful is carefully bundled with the following ingredients: imphepho / South African white sage to cleanse, protect and reconnect, purple sage to cleanse, heal and protect and bay leaf for clarity and mindfulness.

Buy your smudge stick for protection here.

smudge for protection

Open Heart

Over the years, smudge has been used for its spiritual qualities. This includes encouraging an open heart.

The open heart smudge stick from Mzansi Beautiful is made of ingredients that are focused on creating this safe space. It includes imphepho / South African white sage to cleanse, protect and reconnect, Mexican sage to protect, lavender for peace, rose geranium for health and love and mint for abundance.

Buy your open heart smudge stick here.

open heart smudge


As a ritual tool, smudge can help to set an intention and create a meditative space that can be dedicated to self-improvement.

We sell meditative smudge sticks at Mzansi Beautiful. These smudge sticks include Impepho / South African white sage to cleanse, protect and reconnect, white lavender for serenity, wild rosemary for focus, African brown sage for grounding and cleansing and santolina chamaecyparissus for stillness.

 Buy your meditation smudge stick here.

meditation smudge

Improve Wellness in the Home

Palo Santo is an alternative to smudge sticks, conjuring the same benefits as smudge sticks in a different way. Interested in learning more about Palo Santo?

Read our blog here.

With the pandemic introducing a variety of new stresses, it’s important to focus on the home and other sacred spaces where we want to be able to experience a gentle and protected space and to create a mood of wellness and meditation.

Burning smudge is a beautiful way to take charge of your space, clear negative energy and purify your home.

Read more on how to create wellness in the home here.

At Mzansi Beautiful, we stock our online shop with health and wellness items that have been made with love by local makers. Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on new items, news and special deals. 

To find out more about Ananda Sanctuary and if you are keen to practice yoga (in person or virtually) stay in touch on their Instagram page. You can also email them at info@anandasanctuary.co.za.

Ananda Sanctuary offers vinyasa, hot yoga, Hatha, meditation, yogalates and other styles and has a diverse range of teachers and flexible schedule.  Moon ceremonies and events are also regularly held and energy healing is offered.


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