Part 1: Mzansi Beautiful Gift Bags for yoga and healing

3 min read

We’ve launched a new range of gift ideas, namely gifts in a bag!  These gift bags are sure to bring you joy, or another if they are a gift.  Read more in part one of our three part series here.

Mzansi Beautiful celebrates the opening of Ananda Sanctuary

3 min read

We’re excited to announce the opening of Ananda Sanctuary, and our partnership with this wholesome space. Read about the yoga studio and healing centre here.

Aura Essences: Essential Oils with Wellness Attributes

3 min read

Have you ever wondered how to cleanse the energy in your space?  Or how to create more harmony in your home or workplace? Read more about our Aura Essences and divinely inspired essential oils here.

What is the best face mask for travel?

3 min read

One way to make sure that risks are properly managed when travelling is to wear a face mask. But what is the best face mask for travel?

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